The Kirtan Love Experience

A midsummer night's Bhakti Journey with Jai Uttal

Four 90 Minute Live classes  - Starts July 7, 2021 

Join Jai in chanting, prayer and storytelling as we explore the essence of four different aspects of the divine.

Under the cool shade of an ancient Ashoka Tree, let's sit together in community and share the longing and love of our inner most hearts.

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• Wednesday, July 7,  5 - 6:30 pm PT
• Wednesday, July 14,  5 - 6:30 pm PT
• Wednesday, July 21,  5 - 6:30 pm PT
• Wednesday, July 28,  5 - 6:30 pm PT

All live classes will be recorded and available in the House of Bhakti course platform in addition to recorded Bonus sessions with Jai to help nurture the seed of Bhakti. As our spiritual mother, Shri Siddhi Ma, urged us: "practice and wait for grace".

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Bhakti Yoga Online Course with Jai Uttal

Each session will include

• Invocation
• Kirtan
• Storytelling
• Japa
• Lullaby
• Live Q&A with Jai 

Jai Uttal, Online Kirtan Training

Learn directly from Jai Uttal LIVE

• Join Jai Uttal for 4 90 Minute LIVE online gatherings

•  Hear inspiring stories from Jai’s 50 years of practice on the path of devotion


The Art and Practice of Kirtan Online Training with Jai Uttal

Gather together in uplifting community

• Chant the ancient mantras
and connect to the divine

• Explore Bhakti as our intimate relationship with the Source

• Join a Bhakti community, shining light and goodness to the world


Week 1: Sita Ram
Wednesday, July 7
5 - 6:30 pm PDT

When the daughter of the Earth, Sita Devi, saw Rama for the first time her heart stopped in a fragment of a moment, and an ancient torrent of love inundated her earthly body. When the son of the Sun Dynasty, Rama, saw Sita for the first time his eyes shut for a fraction of a moment, and a timeless memory of love illuminated his earthly body.

In this session we hope to feel that eternal love.

Week 2: Radhe Shyam
Wednesday, July 14
5 - 6:30 pm PDT

At the River Yamuna, where the play of enchantment happens spontaneously around Krishna, his gopis and his gopas, love is forever in the air. Love is the quintessence of Radha and Krishna. Love is the quintessence of everything. Maharajji said ‘All love takes us to God!’ Love is beyond form and within form. Love is beyond rules and taboos. Love simply is.

In this session we hope to feel that transcendental love.

Week 3: Shakti Shiva
Wednesday, July 21
5 - 6:30 pm PDT

At the top of Mount Kailash, Shiva is meditating, merged in the supreme reality of eternal consciousness, until She (Shakti, Uma, Parvati, Gauri) awakens him to his senses and asks of him to become one with her in passion, devotion and love. Their love, awakened love all around them, and within the hearts of every living being.

In this session we hope to find that eternal love pervading our daily lives. 

Week 4: Guru
Wednesday, July 28
5 - 6:30 pm PDT

The presence of love that orients us towards grace, in small and in big ways, is the North Star of the Guru.

This guiding, protecting and supremely benevolent force is honored on the full moon of July. The Guru’s loving wings allow us to fly into the higher skies of loving awareness.

In this session we hope to be blessed with the light of grace and presence emanating from our inner and outer gurus.

Summer Kirtan Love Experience Online Course


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