The Art & Practice of Kirtan: The NEXT Level 

Online Course with Jai Uttal  - An eight month journey into the heart of devotion with LIVE online classes.

Our next Live Online Class is Nov 21, 2021 - We are still accepting registrations!

Do you ever wish you could learn to chant? Do you have an existing mantra or kirtan practice and want to go deeper? Have you been wanting to connect with other people who love yoga, mantra and kirtan?

This training will take you from wherever you are now in your path to the next step.

You will receive:
⭐️ In-depth singing practice sessions with Jai Uttal. This will help us refine and tune our God-given vocal instruments which, in turn, will help us to connect our voices to our emotions and to spirit. Also, singing in the more exotic scales will open our minds to new musical combinations and our hearts to new devotional moods and feelings.
⭐️ Eight LIVE interactive zoom classes with Jai Uttal
⭐️ Two LIVE interactive zoom sessions with our dear friend and co-teacher Daniel Paul on the rhythms of kirtan
⭐️ Two live sessions with our very own Nubia on the Gods and Goddesses of Bhakti
⭐️ Online practice sessions of the songs we are learning
⭐️ Kartel lesson and introduction to Mridanga with Vish Seth

All of the LIVE sessions will have ample room for questions and answers.

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All Classes are Sundays at 1 pm PT

Live Class 1: September 19, 2021 (recording available)
Live Class 2: October 17, 2021
Live Class 3: November 21, 2021
Live Class 4: December 19, 2021
Live Class 5: January 16 2022
Live Class 6:  February 20, 2022
Live Class 7: March 13, 2022
Live Class 8: April 24, 2022

All live classes will be recorded and available in the House of Bhakti course platform in addition to recorded Bonus sessions with Jai to help nurture the seed of Bhakti. As our spiritual mother, Shri Siddhi Ma, urged us: "practice and wait for grace". Join this online chanting training with Jai Uttal and join a vibrant bhakti community shining light and goodness into the world!


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Bhakti Yoga Online Course with Jai Uttal

Nourish your practice

• Drink from the ancient well of melody known as Raga 
• Learn harmonium and guitar through Jai’s step-by-step tutorials
• Explore the ten Thaats (scales) and the many possibilities of awakening new notes within your heart.
• Learn Jai’s more complex and unique  Kirtan melodies & chords .
• Learn vocal practices to support your singing.
• Explore your voice through the practice of Sargam, the Indian system of notes
• Expand your Musical Skills and Knowledge.
• Be inspired! Be challenged!

Jai Uttal, Online Kirtan Training

Learn directly from Jai Uttal LIVE

• Join Jai Uttal for 8 90 Minute LIVE online classes

• Hear inspiring stories from the ancient tradition of India, as well as personal stories from Jai’s 50 years of practice on the path of devotion

• Ask Jai questions directly in our dedicated online community group

• Receive a daily practice suggestion and vocal and harmonium exercises

The Art and Practice of Kirtan Online Training with Jai Uttal

Gather together in uplifting community

• Deepen your relationship with the sacred
• Reflect on the philosophy of Bhakti
• Connect your voice to your unexpressed emotions.
• Merge your voice into the centuries old river of Bhakti.
• Meditate on the name and on the form of the Divine. 
• Get inspiration to practice from deeper knowledge and dedication
• Grow with a dedicated group of bhaktas over an 8 month journey into the heart of sound

Installment Plan

$336.00 X 3

3 Payments

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Jai Uttal's Online Kirtan Training is life changing!  I took the very 1st one back in 2003 and this training fully opened up the path of kirtan and Bhakti for me.  I give the highest recommendation to anyone wanting to dive deeper into kirtan and Bhakti to take this training!!!

Marti Nikko

Online Kirtan Camp with Jai was a wonderful experience. It helped me to deepen my Kirtan practice and inspired me to use my own voice to share these beautiful prayers with the world. It is something I cherish and will never forget. Deep bows Jai for all you have done to pave the way for so many!

 David Lurey

Engaging and emotional storytelling, wonderful musical support, humble devotion and oftentimes rocking kirtan bliss are a few of the highlights for me. I felt supported, inspired and motivated to bring chanting and devotion more deeply into my life!

What can I expect in 8 months?

In 8 months you will have an opportunity to develop and receive support for a deeper inner and outer practice as well as make meaningful connections in our growing community. We will be sharing lots of goodies and surprises!

The world is sorely in need of healing vibrations and by singing together from the depths of our hearts we can continue to ‘ripple outward’ and help envelope the planet in a blanket of Love, while strengthening ourselves and our vibrant Bhakti community.

As we sing and share together, we will both expand (zoom out) and magnify (zoom in) our focus on the subtle nuances of the path of love. questions? Contact us.