The Art & Practice of Kirtan with Jai Uttal - Level 1 Online Kirtan Camp 

Starts April 21, 2021 

Deepen your yoga practice! Anchor yourself on the path of Bhakti Yoga by focusing on some of its main practices (Kirtan, Japa and storytelling), which connect you to the ever present source of love that flows within our hearts and throughout all of creation. 

• Sunday, April 25,  1 - 2:30 pm PT
• Sunday, May 2,  1 - 2:30 pm PT
• Sunday, May 16,  1 - 2:30 pm PT
• Sunday, May 30,  1 - 2:30 pm PT 

All live classes will be recorded and available in the House of Bhakti course platform in addition to 6 Episodes of lessons from Jai with over 15 hours of instruction.

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Bhakti Yoga Online Course with Jai Uttal

Build your devotional foundation

• Explore the 💗 heartful path of Bhakti Yoga 

• Create and nurture a daily practice of Kirtan and Japa

• Honor and follow tradition

• Discover your unique and personal path of devotion

Jai Uttal, Online Kirtan Training

Learn directly from Jai Uttal

• Explore your voice through the practice of Sargam, the Indian system of notes

• Learn Jai’s unique kirtan melodies on harmonium and guitar (no instrument needed to join) 

• Connect your voice to your 💗 heart

•  Hear inspiring stories from Jai’s 50 years of practice on the path of devotion


The Art and Practice of Kirtan Online Training with Jai Uttal

Cultivate a meaningful and sacred life

• Chant the ancient mantras
and connect to the divine

• Explore Bhakti as our intimate relationship with the Source

• Join a Bhakti community, shining light and goodness to the world



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Nubia is our divine kirtan camp Ma! She will introduce you to the wonderful worlds of Gods and Goddesses and so much more. She is also yoga teacher of over 30 years and the author of the book Yoga and The Art of Mudras and of the instructional CD, Pranayama: May Breath Be Our Prayer. Learn more about Nubia's online yoga classes.

Ratika Rebecca Gray

Ratika will support Jai, Nubia and you on this journey into the heart of bhakti providing both support to any questions on the course platform and facilitating 2 live practice sessions. She is a bhakta with a heart of service and love of kirtan and bhakti and all things design & creative.